America is a juggernaut of dreams.

Amerikaos is waking up covered in sweat.

America is the New World.

Amerikaos is Dys/Order.



Hope and vision in transition: Celebration amidst wreckage. Doubts and hopes clasp onto the same raft that is scuttled through a rushing current.


For this is a time of birthing: A new image for an old idea and new ideas for an aging infrastructure. An entire system needs to be re-formatted if it is to keep afloat. A raft. Or a draft of a raft. A simple thought with the power to craft. Rupture, rapture, or a beat about to blast.


What does it mean to be a symbol for a better world? What does it mean to be many things for many people and yet ultimately being no more than one person? What are the consequences of your dreams? Right now?



The world is in whose hands?


How does that feel?


And what are we each doing today to make tomorrow real?


There are many visions and many are needed.




The actions and dedication of Rachel Corrie are no less relevant today than they were yesterday.


and kaos.